Do I have to license Google Design Guidelines to implement them as best practices?

I really like google’s approach in design, it’s clean and simple.I want to use their guidelines in one of my up coming projects (which is quite a big one). what is the legal status for using google’s design guidelines in your application design? under what licence are they released ?! Answer You can produce whatever … Read more

Can backdrop design be resold

I created a backdrop design for a magician. The design was created specifically for his show. He has other magician friends that like the backdrop and wish to use it for their show. He has no problem with this, but asks that I customize the backdrop to the other magicians. I was under the impression … Read more

Stock Photo resource collections for Salons?

I apologize in advance if this may be off topic (I’m new here so I am not quite sure) But I have sifted through many Stock Photography resources and I have found very little to none, reasonably priced / free stock photo images of masculine men being groomed / or smiling with nice haircuts. For … Read more

Charging for responsive design

I’m curious to know what other graphic designers here quote clients for responsive design. As I’ve only done a few and they’re all very different, its not enough to really calculate a consistent method, but I’m trying to ensure I’m not over-labouring and undercharging, but also not scaring the clients away with high quotes. Has … Read more