Color shift when image is converted to CMYK

I’m working with a graphic designer to design a book cover for a self-published title of mine on Amazon. The purple in the cover image becomes dull when converted to the required CMYK. Original Image This is what it looks like after being converted. The designer has adjusted the hue and saturation levels before the … Read more

How to maintain a grayscale image (1 channel) output in a cmyk layered file that contains a color layer?

Thanks in advance for your help! I have been asked to fix a customer supplied ad targeted for CMYK newsprint. It is a .psd doc. The printer has asked that the file be supplied with the background image, which is separating as rich black, be created in 100% K as it is offsetting, and will … Read more

What is the safest / most precise way to convert spot colors to process in post production?

I work in prepress production at a publishing house and often times only have access to .PDF cover files which contain spot (pantone) colors from their former offset printing days. Because I set up these files for digital printing, spot colors are NOT an option. What is the most professional way to convert these spot … Read more

How to Save As Adobe PDF with CMYK Color Format in Illustrator?

I’m currently working on a calendar design on Adobe Illustrator CC with CMYK color setting. From what I knew from my self-taught experience, we should prepare our files in CMYK format for printing purposes (I always export them as a .JPEG with CMYK colors). But one of my friends said that I should prepare my … Read more

Illustrator – Using an RGB transparency mask in a CMYK file

My file is CMYK, but it has a Link to an RGB PSD file as a transparency mask. The file renders properly in illustrator (the preview), but whenever I try to export to any other format, the colors are messed up. When I converted the RGB PSD file (transparency mask) to CMYK within Illustrator, I … Read more