Big Sur menu bar changes color from black to white when switching virtual desktops – possible to pin it to a single color?

So my menu bar changes its color when I switch virtual desktops. On desktop 1, I have black text on a white menu bar. On Desktop 2, it is white text on white menu bar. On desktop 3 and beyond, it is white text on a dark menu bar: The menu bar on Desktop 2 … Read more

Suddenly, my Mac’s display in every application has a severely restricted color-space [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Image displays seem to have a compressed color-palette [closed] (1 answer) Closed 2 months ago. MacBook Pro, Big Sur latest version. All of a sudden, every display of every image – in every application, from Finder to Photos to web-browsers – even the screen-saver display – looks like … Read more


I know you can sort columns by their color, but how do you sort ROWS by their colors in Numbers? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Answer Welcome to Ask Different! It is not possible to sort rows (or columns) by color in Numbers unless you devise an interim scheme such as assigning a number … Read more