Getting full code of wp_list_comments instead of replacing it

I am wondering if this is possible, because I don’t want to edit the standard/default lay-out of the comments. I already tried that, but somehow it won’t put the list items in my div sections. That’s why I am trying to find the full code of wp_list_comments; I want to make changes to the list … Read more

Auto approve all comments (editor)

I unchecked both options in the discussion area (so the one where they need a post to comment and administrator has to approve), but still, my users can’t put their comments without me approving it. Has someone a solution for this glitch? Why on earth can’t they post a comment? And if they post one, … Read more

Author page link in comments is different than in posts?

When I hover over the comment author link on my comments, it shows a link like After I click it, it gets me to /author/authorname, which is fine, but I don’t want the link to be author=24 when I hover it. If I hover the post author link, it shows me the correct link … Read more

Theme comment callback results nothing

I made theme and now im finally editing the look of wp_list_comments. I made function, wrote callback link to arguments and tried it. It returns nothing – only elements hard coded in comments.php are displayed (that are just bones for that list…) Ive tried very much ways and nothing worked; comments.php: wp_list_comments(array(‘callback’=>’ksgcomcall’)); ?> functions.php: <?php … Read more

Commentform – Hightlight invalid fields instead of prompting towards error page

I have a huge problem. I used the comments.php from “EmptyCanvas”. Code of it can be seen here: However, it prompts me towards an error page when I do not fill out the fields as required when posting a comment. I’d rather like a highlighting of fields, which I use with CF7 Forms. Code … Read more