How can I set the height of my website to be the same height as the visible browser window, with no vertical scrolling?

I want to design a portfolio website, and I don’t want it to scroll vertically. What are the dimensions for this kind of website, like the standard browser height? How can I create a website that’s the same size as the visible height of the browser? Answer These days webdesignerd tend to use responsive values. … Read more

Is it acceptable as a web developer to know very elementary JavaScript and rely on frameworks such as Materialize?

I’ve been using cusotmised Materialize CSS for most of the effects I want on my pages. I know very little JavaScript. Is it reasonable for me to continue working with frameworks such as Materialize CSS or should I learn JavaScript? Answer As a web developer you really should know at least the basics of JavaScript. … Read more

Multiple backgrounds like with CSS3 in Illustrator

How can I create the same effect with Illustrator as with following CSS: background: linear-gradient(#5d7aa4, transparent) fixed, linear-gradient(-45deg, #ff0068, transparent) fixed, linear-gradient(45deg, #00ecff, transparent) fixed; background-blend-mode: multiply; See: I tried to create 3 overlapping elements with same gradient, opacity and blend mode settings, but it doesn’t look same. What am I missing? Answer Simple … Read more

How do I breakdown a PSD Background To Tileable layered elements

I’d like to create a scaleable multi-resolution web effect similar to iBooks and started by building on this tutorial. The problem is with the background image: As you can see it has two masks on it that give it that special effect: What I want to do is create a background that will fit any … Read more

Is there a way to get the equivalent of a color in different blending modes?

I have to make a button with some shadows using HTML/CSS and I’ve been provided with a PSD file, which has a shape of the button and some effects applied to it. One of the effects is an inner shadow. And it’s blending mode is Multiply. There is no such possibility to use blending modes … Read more

How to create buttons with editable text that are re sizable (to accommodate longer/shorter text) on all browsers [closed]

Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for Graphic Design Stack Exchange. Closed 9 years ago. Improve this question I often find that I need to change the text on buttons. I’d like to create some CSS based editable buttons … Read more