Navigation won’t update to show full path to single post

I have a site with a custom post type “projects” and two taxonomies “clients” and “mediums”. For the navigation I’m using a custom nav walker (that extends Walker_Nav_Menu). This all works very well and allows URLs such as: /mediums/print/ (showing selection of print projects) /clients/clientA (showing selection of projects for clientA) I have page templates … Read more

404 Error On Custom Taxonomy Pages 2, 3, etc

I’ve been reading a bunch of posts about this with no luck so far. I can’t seem to figure out what is the problem. I have the following: Custom Post Type: Sermons Custom Taxonomy: Series My urls right now look like this When viewing the Parent Term of the series taxonomy the first page … Read more

Display tags & categories seperatly

When I called the_taxonomies() function it shows me both tags and categories. I need tags to show from the_tags() function. At the moment I haven’t included the_tags() but shows me the tags through the_taxonomies(). Because of this I’m unable to style them separately. <?php query_posts( ‘post_type=blog’); ?> <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?> <h2><?php the_title(); … Read more

Getting taxonomies specific to categories

I have categories set up for car manufacturers. I have 4 custom taxonomies that are also set up: color, starburst, offer_type, and logo_count. Each post I upload to my wordpress has values for all 4 of those taxonomies and is assigned a category. I have a custom page template setup to display all posts that … Read more

How is it possible to list custom post types by “category” like with simple posts?

I created a custom taxonomy, “partners”. I would like to categorize these items, so I created a custom post type with a taxonomy. register_taxonomy(“partners-category”, array(“partners”), array(“hierarchical” => true, “label” => “Partners”, “singular_label” => “Partner”, “rewrite” => true, “slug” => ‘partners-category’)); I would like to list these posts by categories for example: categoryname-category.php. I know it’s … Read more

Custom taxonomy meta fields

I’m trying to make an anime site like but in spanish with links of the episodes at the bottom. I created a post type called anime, and some custom taxonomies associated with it: series, movies, ovas, specials, live action, producers, themes, genres, and characters. I used advanced custom fields to assign meta fields to … Read more