How do I delete a CloudKit container?

I accidentally created a new container in CloudKit, and it is really annoying that it comes up when I open dashboard. Any suggestion how to delete? On I don’t see a delete button for containers. Answer Apple’s iOS CloudKit documentation: Enable iCloud and Select CloudKit Important: When you select CloudKit, Xcode creates a default … Read more

How to sign in kubernetes dashboard?

I just upgraded kubeadm and kubelet to v1.8.0. And install the dashboard following the official document. $ kubectl apply -f After that, I started the dashboard by running $ kubectl proxy –address=”″ -p 8001 –accept-hosts=’^*$’ Then fortunately, I was able to access the dashboard thru I was redirected to a login page like … Read more

How to upload and add images to the existing post from the front-end with admin approval which is posted by other user

I want, by admin approval, that a logged in user can upload a image and add to the post which is posted by other user. He should add the image to the post from the Front-End. Answer This is a way to add post images and other things. So put different check on it according … Read more

How to show WordPress Dashboard Widgets on Frontend?

I want to use WordPress Dashboard Widgets as it is easy to add new widgets and automatically have the functionality of drag and drop, changing the order, showing and hiding widgets and also importantly setting custom roles and only showing certain widgets to certain users. I however want this functionality to appear on the frontend … Read more

Editing wordpress dashboard

I’ve almost edited dashboard of wordpress but now i’m confused with sidebar I can’t find page where appereance, posts, comments, settings etc etc. Can anyone know where i can find codes of that sidebar Answer What exactly do you mean by editing? I hope not modifying WP core files, which is considered bad practice and … Read more

Can not login after moving to cloudflare and adding rules

I’ve setup my website with CloudFlare. In the settings, I’ve added some rules to make it faster. Since then, when I try to login the Dashboard. I get the following message: ERROR: Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to use WordPress. However, my cookies are enabled. I suspect … Read more

hide woo commerce dashboard status and reports from woo commerce from specific users but display to other users

I am trying to display Woocommerce Dashboard Status where sales reports are displayed only to following users. user1 > shop manager and administrator Trying to hide Dashboard Status and Report and Setting section in Woocommerce from User2 only. Is there a specific code that i can target specific user and hide these menus and dashboard … Read more

Unable to add options on dashboard widget ?

Source code here : Trying to add option in dashboard widget . On Line 194 add_action(‘wp_dashboard_setup’, function () . . . not triggering . Working Perfect in User’s side (display). What am I doing wrong here ? Answer $args[‘before_widget’] and $args[‘afters_widget’] (or after_widget) are things you’d add to a front-end sidebar widget. They have … Read more