How to increase marker size in Illustrator Scatter Graph?

I’m very new to using Illustrator and have been trying to make some scientific graphs. I have a scatter graph here that looks alright, but the markers on the graph are just too small! To get the different markers, I made the shapes and then converted them into a design, then changed the bland square … Read more

Alternatives to present multiple location information on a map

I have a client who thinks that there really needs to be a comma between the name of the school, and the public school zone number (CSD#). I would love a second opinion from a design perspective. Doesn’t the contrasting weight and size of the CSD# separate it from the school name, making it unnecessary … Read more

How can I present this information with less required user interaction?

Here’s a typical graphic from my web app: It shows the performance of grades 1-12 on each of four tasks (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide). But this is only for whole numbers. Behind each of the other tabs (for different types of numbers), the exact same thing is repeated. I’d like to be able to represent … Read more

Colour maps for visualising sparse points against black background

I would like to visualise sparse 3D points against a black background. Each point is associated with a brightness value. I would like a colour map to display these points in a visually appealing way, such that: it is obvious that the colour corresponds to brightness points with a low brightness value remain visible against … Read more

What is good graphic visualization of a climate diagram

Does anybody know about a nice climate diagram visualization, incorporating more information than the example on Wikipedia: For example also data like, snowfall, humidity, hail, fog, thunder and so on .. I appreciate any pointers! Answer What you are looking for is a multivariable weather chart. To my knowledge, there is no standardised model for … Read more