How to build an online portfolio?

I want to build a personal portfolio so my questions related are as follows: What should I include in the portfolio apart from Home, About, Work, Contact? I have never worked on any real life examples so what to display in the work/portfolio page? What kind of design samples do I need to include? Ex: … Read more

Art Director and Designers

I am hiring three designers. Each will have the same obligations and produce the same work. should I hire one of them as Art Director to have some sort of hierarchy, or the three can be Art Directors because they will work in separate projects? Answer Where I am, it’s fairly common to have many … Read more

How to make rounded corner thumbnail ” containing image of the post “?

When I create rounded rectangles in Photoshop, I can mask images over those rounded rectangles to give them rounded corners. When I’m making websites however, I’m not sure how to give images rounded corners. I don’t know how to use vector masks on website, do you think it’s the right solution? Please, if anyone can … Read more

How can some designers produce dozens of web templates a day?

There is a highly ranked designer in DesignCrowd that posts dozens of web designs each day, with so much variations on each one. What I want to know is: Would this require using templates, and then customizing them? (Would that even we allowed on websites like this?) Could he be starting them from scratch? (Doubt … Read more

Where to find interface designers on the internet?

Just to say, I’m not about to make a pitch on this site for work. I assume that is probably against the rules of the site and respect that. I just wondered if anyone has good ideas though on where to go on the internet to find good graphic designers that specialise in interface design. … Read more

How can a junior developer switch career path to design while still earning?

Don’t know whether asking this here is right or wrong. But i desperately need an expert’s advice. I always have a very passionate interest in career in Visual effects. I am from a below poor level family. After completing my graduation i was determined to have a career in visual effects graphics and design. But … Read more

Is it generaly acceptable to use purchased vector graphics in paid work?

I understand the legalities of using stock images and vectors for things like logos. But i want to know if it is unprofessional, or negative to use purchased vector graphics in freelancing design work? Answer Of course you can use purchased graphics in freelance work because it is therefore they are selling in the market. … Read more