git, filter-branch on all branches

I’m using the following sources to expunge some large files and directories from my repository: Why is my git repository so big? git filter-branch only seems to work on the current branch – is there a way to apply it to all branches at once? Answer The solution is simple: git filter-branch [options] — … Read more

Intellij git revert a commit

I was using Eclipse and Egit for a long time and decided to try Intellij. So far so good, except one thing… I can’t find an easy way to revert an old commit from my repo!!! In Eclipse the standard process was: Go to Git Workspace -> Click Show History(Right Click Project) -> RIght-Click on … Read more

Maximum commit message size

Is there any size limit to the Git commit message? I searched trough the web but cannot find any relevant mention about this except this one. However, that one does not answer my question. Answer Empirically, I think the answer is no. This worked (that’s a ~100MB commit message): yes | head -c 100000000 | … Read more