Where can I change the region settings in the iOS file system or otherwise tweak them when jailbroken?

Apologies if this is not the right place to ask this, but I feel that an audience who jailbreaks may know the answer to this. I am trying to hack files right now to change my region settings exactly how I want them on iOS, hopefully being able to sideload it somehow without jailbreaking. In … Read more

Can I receive emergency alerts on an IPad through WiFi?

I have an iPad Pro with iOS 12.1.1, WiFi only (it has a cell modem but I never activated it), in USA. Can I enable wireless emergency alerts somehow? Like the NWS and AMBER alerts I get on my phone. All internet instructions (example) refer to a “government alerts” section at the bottom of Notification … Read more

iPhone 6 – no photos/videos in “Recently Deleted” Album but storage settings displaying that I have over 19GB of photos in “Recently Deleted” Album

As mentioned in the title, I have over 19gb of storage taken up according to the iPhone Storage settings, as shown: However, I have already deleted all my photos and videos in the “Recently Deleted” Album as shown: I also tried to click “Empty” beside the “Recently Deleted” Album under the iPhone Storage settings, a … Read more

MacBook Pro 13″ Touch bar – Privacy > Accessibility list not working

My MBP with Mojave 10.14.6 doesn’t let me add apps to the Privacy > Accessibility nor to Privacy > Full Disk Access in the System Preferences > Security & Privacy pane. Many devices ask me to do this during initial setup (e.g. my Wacom tablet). As a result many things don’t work properly (the Wacom … Read more