upload file to my dropbox from python script

I want to upload a file from my python script to my dropbox account automatically. I can’t find anyway to do this with just a user/pass. Everything I see in the Dropbox SDK is related to an app having user interaction. I just want to do something like this: https://api-content.dropbox.com/1/files_put//?user=me&pass=blah Answer The answer of @Christina … Read more

How do I use Spring Boot to serve static content located in Dropbox folder?

I have a Spring Boot web application, and I would like to serve static content located in a shared Dropbox directory on my Linode VPS (~/Dropbox/images). I’ve read that Spring Boot will automatically serve static content from “classpath:/META-INF/resources/”, “classpath:/resources/”, “classpath:/static/”, “classpath:/public/”, but of course my Dropbox directory is not on the classpath. Although I could … Read more

Codesign of Dropbox API fails in Xcode 4.6.3: “code object is not signed at all”

I have an OS X app that’s distributed through the Mac App Store, and recently updated to Xcode 4.6.3. When I run my regular build now, I receive: Command /usr/bin/codesign failed with exit code 1: /Users/Craig/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Mac-dxcgahgplwpbjedqnembegifbowj/Build/Products/Debug/MyApp.app: code object is not signed at all In subcomponent: /Users/Craig/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Mac-dxcgahgplwpbjedqnembegifbowj/Build/Products/Debug/MyApp.app/Contents/Frameworks/DropboxOSX.framework Command /usr/bin/codesign failed with exit code 1 I can’t … Read more

iOS Cloud Providers

I’ve noticed that 3rd party cloud providers are not what I consider to be first-class citizens. For example, I can’t specify a Dropbox folder as the Safari download folder. Nor can I link a folder from Dropbox into one of the text editor apps ( Both of these I can do with iCloud Drive. Is … Read more

Store notes within folders (alternative Dropbox Paper)

I would like to store a note or text document within a finder folder and have that sync across all my devices and my wife’s devices. And be accessed from the note/text app itself. This is currently totally possible with Dropbox Paper, but Dropbox Paper is slow. I’m looking for something as simple and quick … Read more

What could be causing the Dropbox app to overwrite each of my folder’s “Date Modified” dates when I open the app?

I used migration assistant to move data including my Dropbox folder from an old Macbook Pro to the new Apple M1 Silicon Macbook Pro. Then, on the M1 Silicon I opened the dropbox app, which then started to show a progress bar that it was syncing 600,000 files (all my files), even though migration assistant … Read more