comprehensive list of all commercial fonts, including foundry and license type?

Is there a list of ALL commercially available fonts? Ideally, this list indexed by font name, foundry, font CDN (i.e., Typekit or Google Fonts) and type of license. With >5K fonts now in circulation, it’s gotten very difficult to know what’s expected from the use of a given font. Answer The Precision Type Font Reference … Read more

How to get all supported opentype settings for a font?

I’m using often open source fonts from the web for my web projects. One thing I’d like to do, is activating opentype settings like ligatures or kerning (and in some cases, it would be helpful to check also, if there are any discrete ligatures or stylistic alternates available). Unfortunately, most fonts aren’t very well documented … Read more

How to generate one font file consisting of multiple font weights (i.e. multiple font files)?

I have multiple font files, each of a different weight. The problem arises when they are used in, applications and WordPress. For example, they appear like this: [family] [weight] – sailec-light – regular – sailec-regular – regular – sailec-medium – regular – sailec-bold – regular Because of this, every time I switch between these weights … Read more