Conway’s Game of Life Object oriented implementation in Java

I have designed Conway’s Game of Life in Java, the solution follows Object Oriented design and paradigm, please review and let me know the feedback Class Cell Cell has one property alive and behavior to update alive status public class Cell { private boolean alive; public Cell( boolean alive) { this.alive = alive; } public … Read more

Conway’s Game of Life in Powershell

I’m learning PowerShell for professional development, but decided to do a bit of a silly project to help learn scripting in more depth, and chose Conway’s Game of Life. This is the first PowerShell script I’ve written besides a small toy that I wrote for an Active Directory assignment previously. An example start: PS C:\Users\user\PowershellScripts> … Read more

Optimizing Conway’s Game of Life code to run faster

How could I take this code and optimize it so that I could possibly run Conway’s Game of Life on a large grid at 15 frames per second? public partial class MainWindow : Window { Cell[,] activeCells; //List<Cell> nextGenCells; static Timer time; bool onOff = true; int columnNum = 10; int rowNum = 10; int … Read more

Game of Life search program for Herschel-generating baits

Golly is a cross-platform, Python and Perl extendable (like in this case, Python), free Conway’s Game of Life simulator written in C++ (or Python) that runs in arbitrary speed and large, marvelous patterns. Herschel is a pattern named after William Herschel (the heptomino resembles Saturn’s planetary symbol ♄, and somewhere in the naming process Saturn … Read more

A beginners implementation of Game of Life

I’m totally new to python and coding in general and I tried for my first project to recreate Conway’s game of life. After days of trial and error, I came up with this code: import numpy as np import copy import png import PIL as PIL def a(a) : if a == “gen” : size=int(input(“size … Read more

Java console version Conway’s Game of Life

I did a super simple version of Conway’s Game of Life and would like a review. public class Conway { String [][] grid; int [][] neighbors; int [][] directions = {{0,1},{1,1},{1,0},{1,-1},{0,-1},{-1,-1},{-1,0},{-1,1}}; Conway (int gridSize) { this.neighbors = new int [gridSize][gridSize]; this.grid = new String[gridSize][gridSize]; for (int row = 0; row < this.grid.length; row++) { for … Read more