Direct “rate in iTunes” link in my app?

I’ve seen posts here on Stackoverflow that describe how to allow users to be directed to apps on the app store. Is there a way to link directly to the rating and comments form in the App Store? Answer This IS possible using the technique described on this blog: basically you call UIApplication openURL … Read more

What is a better way to sort by a 5 star rating?

I’m trying to sort a bunch of products by customer ratings using a 5 star system. The site I’m setting this up for does not have a lot of ratings and continue to add new products so it will usually have a few products with a low number of ratings. I tried using average star … Read more

How do you to check if a user has rated your app on the Google Play?

I want to check to see if a user has rated my app on the Google Play, not how many stars, just if they have. And if they haven’t I will prompt them with a dialog asking them to rate it with this code: startActivity( new Intent( Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse(“market://details?id=packagename”) ) ); Answer No. You cannot … Read more

Turn a number into star rating display using jQuery and CSS

I have been looking at jquery plugin and was wondering how to adapt that plugin to turn a number (like 4.8618164) into a 4.8618164 stars filled out of 5. Basically interpreting a number <5 into stars filled in a 5-star rating system using jQuery/JS/CSS. Note that this would only display/show the stars rating from an … Read more

ITunes review URL and iOS 7 (ask user to rate our app) AppStore show a blank page

Does anybody knows if the technique used to ask the user to rate our app and open for him the App Store directly on the rating page is still working on iOS 7 ? I used to open this url from my app : itms-apps:// But it looks like it’s not working anymore (AppStore show … Read more

How to compute the general term formula for the number of full binary tree heaps that can be formed with distinct elements?

The number of possible heaps that are full binary trees of height h and can be formed with (n=2h−1) distinct elements can be computed by recursion: a_h = {2^h – 2 \choose 2^{h – 1} – 1} a_{h – 1}^2 How to compute the general term formula with this recursion formula? Answer AttributionSource : Link … Read more

Obtaining a recurrence from a rational generating function

Looking at some Generating functions of a series, I have conjectured – If G(x) = 11−xt1−xt2−…−xtn, then the recurrence equation of the the series is – an=an−t1+an−t2+…+an−tn How can I prove or disprove this? Answer Suppose that G(x)=∞∑n=0gnxn. Using the given equation (ending at im, a better choice of variables), we have 1=(1−xi1−⋯−xim)G(x)=∞∑n=0(1−xi1−⋯−xim)gnxn=∞∑n=0gnxn−∞∑n=i1gn−i1xn−⋯−∞∑n=imgn−imxn=∞∑n=im(gn−gn−i1−⋯−gn−im)xn−H(x), where degH(x)<im. Comparing coefficients, … Read more

Advantage of using generating functions in analyzing an algorithm

I’m reading through the first chapters of “Introduction to the analysis of algorithm” by Sedgewick. I wasn’t familiar with the use of generating functions, and complex analysis in general to analyse algorithms. I do understand the use of the tool is in practice simple (at least it seems to me in that way from what … Read more

Solving the recurrence T(n)=T(n−1)+T(n−3)T(n−2) T(n) = \dfrac{T(n-1) + T(n-3)} {T(n-2)}

What’s the (asymptotic) solution of the following recurrence? T(n)=T(n−1)+T(n−3)T(n−2). I tried to solve this with generating functions to find an accurate bound. Answer The solution depends on the initial conditions. For example, if T(0)=T(1)=T(2)=2 then T(n)=2 for all n, but in general the recurrence converges to a pattern of length 4. The limiting patterns are … Read more