possible to “push to talk” using iphone’s headset?

I use my iPhone a lot for business calls. Improper use of the mute button could be a career-ender. Is it possible to use the iPhone’s headset to toggle the mute button? Thanks! Answer Unfortunately the answer is no this isn’t possible however you could look at whether you could find a push to talk … Read more

Recording with two USB microphones with different input numbers?

I’m trying to record a podcast using two different microphones (after already realising you can’t record using 2x the same mic) on my Mac High Sierra. I’ve tried this with multiple microphones but I always have the same issue. One mic only has “1 input”, the other has “2 input” and it affects the way … Read more

Is there any way to increase the input volume on an external headset microphone on a mid-2017 MBP?

There is a similar question but it’s for a different model. I use these TRRS headphones with my Android phone and they sound fine when recording audio. But if I record audio on the MBP (Quicktime or Whatsapp) it’s barely audible, even with the input volume turned all the way up. The headphone jack seemed … Read more

Volume buttons on EarPods activate iPhone screen

When the screen to my iPhone is asleep/deactivate whilst it is playing music, I often adjust the volume using the buttons on the control for my EarPods, but annoyingly this always activates the screen (i.e. lights it up). Is there any way to disable this behaviour? Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Noldorin … Read more

How Apple EarPods send the volume up/down signal?

I am trying to trigger an iPhone’s camera with my own development board. I figured it out volume up/down signal is trigging the iPhone’s camera, but I managed it at an Android device with touching an 220R or 600R resistor from mic pin to gnd pin. iPhone didn’t even recognize my board as a headphone. … Read more