How do I undo partitions on my iMac (I keep getting failed message “Mediakit reports not enough space on device for requested operation”

Hi I am trying to undo partitions made from a failed Windows 10 installation but it keeps failing or it won’t give me the option to undo it on Disk utility. This is what my partitioned drive looks like This what happens when I try to delete the partition using the “-” button When I … Read more

Dock unread count is inaccurate

Every couple of days stops showing the unread message count on the Dock icon. Restarting the application brings it back immediately. In Preferences->General, I have Dock unread count linked to a smart mailbox that excludes a handful of folders. Is this a known issue, and is there a fix? UPDATE: The problem just recurred, … Read more

Why is my MacBook going to sleep when it’s configured not to?

I have a MacBook Pro running High Sierra. Except when I travel, I use it in clamshell mode, with an external monitor and keyboard. It’s also plugged into to a UPS. In Energy Saver > Power Adapter, I have the following options checked: Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off Wake for … Read more