iOS Cloud Providers

I’ve noticed that 3rd party cloud providers are not what I consider to be first-class citizens. For example, I can’t specify a Dropbox folder as the Safari download folder. Nor can I link a folder from Dropbox into one of the text editor apps ( Both of these I can do with iCloud Drive. Is … Read more

How to force Photos to release space for an iCloud backed library?

I have migrated my 200 gigabyte Photos library to iCloud on my Mac. Works very well. I then created a new, empty library on the Mac and let Photos copy the whole iCloud contents locally on the Mac. Now I need the space locally, so I would like Photos to undo the local copying only … Read more

icloud keychain is turned on but does not suggest passwords

For a while now safari on my iphone (iphone 6s, ios 13) has stopped suggesting strong passwords when I am signing up for new webstites online. iCloud keychain is turned on, however safari will not suggest new passwords. I have also tried switching keychain off and on again, and switching password autofill off and on … Read more