Software to draw schemes quickly

Especially in science there are lots of schemes used, like below, but I can’t imagine that such images are produced via e.g. inkscape. I’m quite used to it but nevertheless, it would take some time. Is there a software that makes it easier than drawing each shape manually? Answer I would suggest you look into … Read more

Best way to display large amounts of hierarchical information in a web application [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 7 years ago. Improve this question I have a web application that shows a lot of information that is rather mundane. The information is related to … Read more

What are examples of magazine-like front-pages in web design?

I’m designing a responsive front-page layout for a well known online community (just dribbbled this preview). The content section will feature a list of several articles, each containing: A thumbnail; A title; An excerpt; Related metadata. There will be a minimum of two articles per row (up to four articles, maximum), just like in a … Read more

Best plotting symbols for scientific plots with multiple datasets

At this moment I have found only one enlightening discussion on the best practices of choosing of plotting symbols for scientific plots. It is in the book Cleveland W.S. The Elements of Graphing Data (1985). in the chapter “Superposed Plotting Symbols”. From that short discussion I extract three main requirements for plotting symbols: They should … Read more

How improve my table-cell highlighting scheme?

In my daunting table of market numbers, seconds-by-seconds price changes in the Bid, Ask, and Last columns are highlighted for the user. Highlighting happens when the page is refreshed: click the refresh button to see, or toggle the auto/man button to select auto-refresh. The highlighting seems to me amateur (hey! that’s me!) and clunky. And … Read more

What are examples of web apps with clean, text-based layouts?

I’m in the process of redesigning a web app with a very simple layout, set mostly by text (similar to Google in both aesthetics and functionality). Do you know any examples of web apps with such attributes (i.e. Please note: I’m looking for examples of text-based layouts in web apps, not “regular” websites. Answer … Read more

Critique: How can I improve this instructional illustration of a roll down process?

I need to illustrate a pack that rolls down 3 time at the top and can only use black and white and no words. I’m using Adobe Illustrator because it has to be vector art. End result will be screen printed. Here is what I currently have. Just not really feeling I’m getting the point … Read more

Best way to design map markers based on their ‘heat’ parameter

I’m creating a google map, with some custom markers on it. Each marker has a “heat” parameter, and I would like to design those markers depending on this parameter. But I can’t figure the best way to do it. Let’s say if I have a marker with a score of 100, and another one of … Read more

How can I develop a system to translate ideas into Ideograms?

I am in the process of creating some infographics for some design thinking methods. I need to translate sometimes complex (but with common themes) ideas into visuals. To put it a different way, why does it, when you see an arrow pointing right, indicate that you should go or look right? Answer Short answer: Use … Read more