Convert SVG to transparent PNG with antialiasing, using ImageMagick

I want to convert SVG images to PNG files with transparent background and anti-aliased edges (using semi-transparent pixels). Unfortunately I can’t get ImageMagick to do the anti-aliasing, the edges always look terrible. Here’s what I tried: convert +antialias -background transparent in.svg -resize 25×25 out.png Any ideas or a different command line tool I could use? … Read more

Removing transforms in SVG files

I have been struggling with this for a while, and can’t seem to find an answer (that works) anywhere. I have an SVG file which looks like this: <svg xmlns:dc=”” … width=”72.9375″ height=”58.21875″ …> … <g … transform=”translate(10.75,-308.96875)” style=”…”> <path inkscape:connector-curvature=”0″ d=”m -10.254587,345.43597 c 0,-1.41732 0.17692,-2.85384 0.5312502,-3.5625 0.70866,-1.41733 2.14518,-2.82259 3.5625,-3.53125 1.41733,-0.70866 2.11392,-0.70867 3.53125,0 1.41732,0.70866 … … Read more