Multisites, upload issues, and iOS!

This question has changed significantly. I have the latest version of WordPress and am hosting it on an Apache server. Link to Blog: Now, here’s the thing. When I upload a video to WordPress it will play on a Mac in Firefox with the WordPress URL the item is given (ex:” provider=”video). In … Read more

iOS UI design – what dimension size Sketch file to give to developer?

Assuming an iOS app has been designed for iphone 4,5,6,6+ and iPad, what is the ideal dimension Sketch file to give to a developer? This is also assuming there are no major layout changes in the actual design. I’m basically just wanting to avoid having to create a separate version for each resolution. Is it … Read more

iOS design guidelines like Android’s?

What are the standards for designing iOS apps? By standards I mean rules for margins, paddings, font sizes, etc. that should be followed when designing an iOS app. Are there any rules? To clarify what I mean, here is the link for Android’s design guidelines, which are very detailed. Is there anything like this for … Read more

Name of vector icon font set on iOS

On Android we know that the icon set is the Material font icon set from here: However I cannot find the name for the icon set on iOS. I have seen people say many different things. Some say Linearicons, some say Linecons but neither of these really look like iOS official to me. Does … Read more

Best Way to Build & Design Buttons, Icons for Mobile application

Which is the best Way to Build & Design Buttons, Icons for Mobile application of Android and IOS platform. Answer I’d say coming up with several designs that follow basic GUI guidelines and testing them on the devices is a good start. I also think trying to keep them in one continuous style helps giving … Read more

How can I create a subtle 3D effect like on Apple’s iOS time selection wheel?

I’m trying to reproduce this subtle 3D effect on the Apple time and date selection wheel. How can I do this in Adobe Illustrator? Answer Naty’s answer is close but since you’re looking for the “correct distortion of a cylinder”, you should use an actual cylinder. Illustrator has very limited (and sometimes buggy) 3D tools … Read more