Connected other iPhone to MB to backup…could my old photos have transferred to the phone?

A bit of an unusual question maybe. A friend needed to set up her new iPhone but doesn’t have a computer and is restricted to mobile data at the moment. She wanted to back up her old iPhone to use on the new one. I tried to back her old one up using an old … Read more

Extract list of titles from iPhoto album

I have a large collection of photos on iPhoto (not Photos) and am currently in the process of mounting them in photoviewer on my own website. I have an HTML markup template in an Excel file and have been filling a title column I created by hand, copying and pasting from the iPhoto album. This … Read more

Within Photos, delete the RAW file from a “RAW+JPEG” linked pair?

I shoot using the RAW+JPEG capture option on my non-iPhone camera. When I import these images via Photos for Mac, the RAW+JPEG files are added to my iCloud Photos Library as a linked pair. They are given an overlay of two stacked icons, with “J” on the top. The tooltip of the little square “J” … Read more

Print list of albums of fotos

Problem description: I have imported an old iPhoto library from an old computer running Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 in running on macOS Catalina (sadly, I cannot state the exact versions of the applications, though). I’m not sure if this has worked correctly. When selecting all events, the status bar says something like “xxx … Read more

Remove Specific Text from Multiple Descriptions

I’ve recently upgraded to iPhoto ’11 (couldn’t resist the pricing on the new app store) and as I’m adding more meta-data to my library and generally organizing things (places, faces, etc… I hadn’t upgraded since ’08) I’ve noticed something odd in my photos. Every photo in my library has a description (though many are short), … Read more