Drawing Isometric game worlds

What is the correct way to draw isometric tiles in a 2D game? I’ve read references (such as this one) that suggest the tiles be rendered in a way that will zig-zag each column in the 2D array representation of the map. I imagine that they should be drawn more in a diamond fashion, where … Read more

Isometric Object reflection in Adobe Illustrator

How can I create a reflection for an isometric object? in example image “N” letter is flat object with reflection i need similar reflection for my isometric cube. Answer Move it vertically down holding Shift + Alt to duplicate Send it back Reduce the opacity Add a Transparency Mask with a rectangle filled with a … Read more

Isometric Deboss Effect in Adobe Illustrator

How can i create isometric Deboss Effect in my object (right) like Sample image (left) ? I know 3 shadows used to create isometric deboss effect. Answer Use illustrator’s 3D. It has the needed isometric projections as presets. Make the sides as equal size squares. The hole is a compound path with outlined A. I … Read more

Exporting isometric cube to png results in incorrect sides and rough edges of the cube

UPDATE: I did what @Danielillo suggested and it worked but the width of the exported .png is still one pixel wider then the original: The blue outline is from Illustrator. You can see the one pixel on the left side of the cube. I am still trying to figure out where that is coming from. … Read more

Perspective without a vanishing point?

I am trying to recreate this figure (mainly the stacking of images) in Abobe Illustrator: but using perspectives I get the following: How do I go about either removing the vanishing points, or using another tool to create the effect in the first figure? Answer You’re way overthinking this; the example you’ve provided isn’t a … Read more

Is there an option to apply “shear” as an effect on a layer?

I would like to implement the rules to make an isometric drawing on a layer instead of an object. The rules are the following: Scale the width times 0.866 Shear by +/- 30° around the vertical axis Rotate by +/- 60° (for the top only) I am using Adobe Illustrator (CC 2021) Step 1 and … Read more

Using Free Distort on text in Illustrator CC

Why does this not seem to work, and does anybody else know a way to get type distorted? Specifically I have an isometric building and I would like to put the names of the surrounding streets “on the ground” so to speak. Answer Select the text, then go to Effect->3D->Rotate. Then choose the Isometric Top … Read more