How to avoid code duplication implementing const and non-const iterators?

I’m implementing a custom container with an STL-like interface. I have to provide a regular iterator and a const iterator. Most of the code for the two versions of the iterators is identical . How can I avoid this duplication? For example, my container class is Foo, and I’m implementating FooIterator and FooConstIterator. Both of … Read more

Events vs Streams vs Observables vs Async Iterators

Currently, the only stable way to process a series of async results in JavaScript is using the event system. However, three alternatives are being developed: Streams: Observables: Async Iterators: What are the differences and benefits of each over events and the others? Do any of these intend to replace events? Answer There … Read more

Last key in a std::map

I am looking for the highest key value (a defined by the comparison operator) of a std::map. Is this guaranteed to be map.rbegin()->first ? (I am a bit shaky on reverse iterators, and how much freedom there is in the implementation of std::map) If not, please advise. I cannot change the data structure. Answer Yes. … Read more