How to change the Equaliser settings of each and every song in my iTunes library all at once?

I recently discovered that iTunes has support for Equaliser, but these option/setting is available if and only you click on the get album info button and set the Equaliser in the next window according to your needs, but this option is available if and only you click on a particular song, I mean you have … Read more

Is it possible to install iTunes on Windows 7 without Service Pack 1? For iPad Pro 10.5″ support

I’m considering buying iPad Pro 10.5″ and meanwhile tried to download and install iTunes – main method of connecting it to the PC. My OS is Windows 7 pre-Service Pack 1. (I don’t have MacOS) The installer of iTunes v12.7 is telling me I need to get SP1, which I don’t want to do. Previous … Read more

iPhone Music app: music with an iCloud status of Uploaded can’t be played?

I have a PC (running Windows) with a collection of MP3 files I ripped from CD. I installed iTunes ( and setup iCloud Music Library, and it went through the uploading/matching process on my files. From my iPhone (iOS 11.0.3, and which has iCloud Music Library enabled), I can see all of my library in … Read more

Can I download free apps without a payment method? [duplicate]

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No Users and Roles in iTune Connect

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