JavaScript ‘onclick’ event ‘return’ keyword functionality

I am really new to javascript, and stumbled upon the return keyword. Basically, what is the difference in terms of these 2 statements? <input type=”checkbox” onclick=”doAlert()” /> vs <input type=”checkbox” onclick=”return doAlert();” /> Essentially, both returned the same results and called the function, but is there more to it? Any help greatly appreciated :). Thanks! … Read more

What is this practice called in JavaScript?

When you wrap your JavaScript code in a function like this: (function(){ var field = …; function doSomthing(){… … })(); I noticed that this fixes scoping problems for me on a lot of web pages. What is this practice called? Answer The pattern is called self-invocation, a self-invoking function. It can create a closure, but … Read more

Basic Ajax send/receive with node.js

So I’m trying to make a very basic node.js server that with take in a request for a string, randomly select one from an array and return the selected string. Unfortunately I’m running into a few problems. Here’s the front end: function newGame() { guessCnt=0; guess=””; server(); displayHash(); displayGuessStr(); displayGuessCnt(); } function server() { xmlhttp … Read more

In ASP.NET MVC: All possible ways to call Controller Action Method from a Razor View

I know this is a pretty basic question over here. But could you tell me all possible options available to, call a Control Action Method [generally any server side routine] from a Razor View and, in what scenarios each are best applicable to be used in. Thanks. Answer Method 1 : Using jQuery Ajax Get … Read more