Left Shift/Control/Option keys don’t work [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Keyboard key stuck or not being recognized; how to fix (1 answer) Closed 4 years ago. Yesterday the shift stopped working most of the time (it works 1/100) suddenly (did not spill anything), and the weird thing is that today the Control & Option keys joined the party … Read more

Is it possible to change the Japanese Kana keyboard layout?

Windows’ Japanese IME and and Google’s Japanese IME both use Layout1 for Kana mode. However, macOS’s Japanese IME uses Layout2. Notice the different locations for ろ、む、へ, and some symbols. Is there any way to use Layout1 for macOS’s Japanese IME? Layout1 Layout2 Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Damn Vegetables , Answer Author : … Read more

keyboard shortcuts on parallels desktop running ubuntu

I am running: MacOS High Sierra on a 2016 TB MBP. >> App: Parallels Desktop 12. >> VM: Ubuntu Linux 16.04. I only use the terminal of the Linux VM to communicate with robotic hardware. When I use the terminal, I need to use generic Linux command line keyboard shortcuts. This results in problems, to … Read more

MacBook Pro keyboard dead, mouse can’t click above taskbar

I was using Safari and I moved the cursor to the top right-hand corner. It shows the “switch screen” fine: (sample cropped image; whiteboxes-censor) At that moment, the keyboard is dead. The mouse/trackpad is able to move fine, yet can’t click above the task bar. When I click items in the menu bar, it is … Read more

macOS Sierra mysteriously capturing keyboard shortcuts involving Cmd-Ctrl-Alt

I recently noticed that certain keyboard combinations involving Cmd+Ctrl+Alt (Cmd+Ctrl+Opt) are captured by my Mac but cannot figure out what is doing the capturing. For example, Cmd+Ctrl+Alt+j/; both trigger their pressed keys on the virtual keyboard showing that they are not being caught. However, Cmd+Ctrl+Alt+k/l show the modifiers being held but neither k or l … Read more