Hiding source layer after applying a layer style (bevel) in Photoshop / Advanced blending

I have a letter A (see left) as .ai file which has transparency set at 70% in Illustrator. In Photoshop I have a layer style Bevel & Emboss (see center) on this letter. Is it possible to hide the original layer (letter A) so that the final image shows only the applied layer style (see … Read more

How to copy live shape property settings from one shape to another in Photoshop CC?

Does anyone know if there is a way to copy Live Shape Properties from one shape to another? It’s nice to adjust strokes and fill and stuff, but I’d like to save it somehow to easily apply it to other shapes (equivalent styles for layer-configurations). Answer Right click the shape layer you want to copy … Read more

How to set inner glow (vignette) effect size to value bigger than 250

So, I have .PSD document in lower resolution with a background layer that has vignette effect on it. But, when I copy layer style from that layer, the size of inner glow stays the same, ergo, smaller on the bigger canvas. Now, here lies the problem, slider only goes to 250 px. Is there any … Read more

Photoshop: Why does the Hand Tool icon flicker when choosing ‘Add a layer style’ from the Layers palette?

Does anyone else see this? Is there a reason why this happens or is it a bug? (Photoshop CS5.1 on OS X 10.7.2, not sure if this happens in previous Photoshop or OS X versions.) Steps to reproduce: 1. Click on ‘Add a layer style’ button in the Layers palette and pick anything. 2. When … Read more