Adobe Illustrator layer target button

In the following simple artwork, the top most stroke and fill are selected. in the layers panel, the target button is filled for the selected artwork due to additional stroke and fill. Now if I drag and delete the filled target button from the layers panel, the button gets blank and the bottom most stroke … Read more

Develop a tool for inserting text/image in a photoshop file

I’m trying to develop a simple tool for translators who don’t have Photoshop but I can’t find any library that supports layers. I need to open the PSD file, translate the text layer and save it as it was. Unfortunately, there is no layer support for the available libraries. So I’m asking for a workaround. … Read more

How to reference a sublayer by name in an Illustrator script?

How can one reference a sublayer in functions like setLayerVisibility, that accept layer names as arguments? I tried setLayerVisibility(“MyLayerName.MySublayerName”, true) , but that was ineffective. Answer the function may not be set up to look for sublayers, even if you pass the correct sublayer name. If it is, you can do something like… var myLayer … Read more