jQuery web page height

Let’s say that a web page is twice the height of the browser window (thus there’s a scroll bar). How do I retrieve the height of the web page in jQuery? Answer $(window).height(); // returns height of browser viewport $(document).height(); // returns height of HTML document AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : core , … Read more

How to get a button’s height to match another element’s height?

I want to put a button next to a EditText and I want their heights to match. For example, from the built in Android browser: The Go button is the same height as the EditText field. I know I could wrap both these views in a parent layout view, and set both of their heights … Read more

Issue when centering vertically with flexbox when heights are unknown

My layout has a container flex-container and a child. HTML: <div class=”flex-container”> <div>text</div> </div> The container and the child have an unknown height. And the goal is: If the child has a lower height than the container, it appears centered horizontally and vertically. If the child has a greater height than the container, it adjusts … Read more