If I copy an application already listed under Purchased to the Applications folder, will it be able to update through the App Store?

If I copy an application already have in my Apple ID (Edit: for example, Xcode) from another computer to the Applications folder, will the Mac App Store be able to update it? Or will I have to do something manually in order to enable updates from that app? Answer Yes – you can side load … Read more

How to update voices and gatekeeper?

There was an error in the dependency specifications which somehow triggered a major failure in AppStore.app. Most of those problems are now fixed, but while wrestling with it, I discovered /var/log/install.log Every time I go to the Updates panel in AppStore, that log shows a detailed record of the scan for updates. This record always … Read more

macOS Mojave download problem from Mac App Store

Anyone has any solution for macOS Mojave download problem? When downloading the installer app from the Mac App Store, the download resumes fine, but just when it’s about to complete, it disappears, and the download button shows Download again. I’ve tried it 5-6 times, and not being able to download the installer successfully. I am … Read more

iMovie 10.1.9 fresh download/update resets to 10.5 MB every time

Device Specs: MacBook Pro with Retina display, Early 2015 8 GB RAM, i5 processor I just recently upgraded to macOS Mojave with a clean installation through the recovery mode and started downloading already purchased apps like pages, keynote, garage band and so on. All other apps got downloaded just fine except iMovie. The download progresses … Read more

How do I get the 10.13.6 update to (reboot and) install?

I have macOS 10.13.4 on my Mac. In the App Store, it shows 10.13.6 as an available Software Update. When I click the “Update” button, I get the notification in the top-right corner of my screen: Restarting Your Computer [Restart] Your computer will restart in 43 seconds [ Later ] to install updates. When I … Read more

Fixing a Mac unable to fetch software updates? Requests to https://swdist.apple.com/* seem to be failing HTTPS cert validation

I’ve discovered that my Mac can’t fetch software updates because the requests to Apple server’s are failing. I think it’s something related to HTTPS cert validating or cert pinning. I was tipped off to this when my attempts to download additional Accessibility Speech voices failed, but now I realize that all official Apple software updates … Read more