Time machine restoration frozen at “Preparing to restore “Macintosh HD”…*

I am using Time Machine to restore a new MacBook Pro 16″. I am using an encrypted HDD that’s connected with USB 3 for the restoration. However, since about an hour the Mac is frozen at the step “Preparing to restore “Macintosh HD”…. Is this behavior normal? How long should a restoration take? Or should … Read more

Can’t restore Time Machine back up – an error occurred while adding recovery system to destination disk

Just upgraded my 2012(mid) non-retina 13” MacBook Pro with a crucial sad 1tb and having troubles restoring back up from Time machine. I’m sure it’s important to mention I installed a new data cable as well. The steps I used were: In the recovery mode, I erase the hard drive in the disk utilities section … Read more

external monitor won’t go full screen with MBP 13″ 2020

I searched but couldn’t find anything relevant. I have a 2020 Macbook pro 13″ that’s updated to the latest OS. I got a secondary external monitor AOC 24B1H 24″ LCD Monitor (1920×1080 @60Hz). I connected it thru a vava usb-c Hub and found that the image on the external monitor would only expand to about … Read more

My MacBook Pro Shocks Me When I Connect It To A Three-Prong Charger

There are already many questions about how to solve a problem where touching a MacBook Pro while it is charging gives one an electric shock. In most of cases, connecting a three-prong extension to the charger and using it seems to solve the problem (since that allows the MacBook Pro to be properly “grounded” or … Read more

Connecting macbook pro (2019) to Samsung monitor turns both laptop and external monitor screen black

I tried to connect a Samsung monitor (SyncMaster 226BW) to my Macbook Pro (2019). At first it seemed to work for a few seconds, but now every time I plug it in both the laptop screen and the external monitor screen go black. Sometimes the laptop blinks for a second or so. Its driving me … Read more

External monitor blinks when connected to MBP 13” 2018 through USB-C to DisplayPort cable

When I have my Macbook Pro 13” 2018 connected to the external display LG 27UL550-W monitor. The monitor often blinks (becomes black) for a second or so randomly. It happens even when the MacBook is connected to the power cable. I connect using Inateck Usb-C to Display port cable https://www.amazon.de/dp/B075Q5T6JT?ref_=pe_3044161_248799201_302_E_DDE_dt_1 The resolution is set to … Read more

Is it possible for a Macbook Pro to pop out a window and / or give some sound a few minutes before sleeping?

Is there a way to pop out a window and / or to give out some sound a few minutes before it goes to sleep? There is one warning, but I hope to get another warning a few or a couple of few minutes before it would go to sleep. Sleeping involves writing all data … Read more