Make a keyboard shortcut to do three finger swipes

How do I create a keyboard combination that can be held down to treat the successive mouse moves as if they were three-finger-on-trackpad movements? So I can hold down e.g. cmd and shift, then move the mouse, and it would be as if I were performing that movement with three fingers, to perform things like … Read more

Macbook air 2012, installed new battery, bottom of trackpad sounds loose/clicky now, ideas?

My other one couldn’t hold a charge well but didn’t look bloated at all to have warped anything in my system. All that was weird that happened was that I lost one of the bottom case screws (small ones), could this cause it? (I could get replacement from amazon). I’m going to go back in … Read more

Keyboard does not work or light up

MacBook Air 1534 12” 2016 Accidentally sparked trackpad. Trackpad and keyboard no longer worked. Replaced trackpad. Trackpad now works but keyboard does not. Could these two flex cables be the culprit?821-2697-A (Keyboard Backlight) 821-00507-03 (IPD) I notice the trackpad and everything else besides the keyboard work when I disconnect Keyboard backlight flex. When I disconnect … Read more

Trackpad gestures not working

Some of my macbook trackpad gestures are not working, such as open the launchpad using 4 fingers; show the desktop; and enlarge images using 2 finger pinch. I’m sure all of those functions are enabled in the system preference. Other gestures are working normally, such as to swipe between applications using 3 fingers; go back … Read more

MacBook pro 16″ – Big Sur – find config file to change the speed of horizontal scrolling speed

On my MacBook pro 16″, I would like to find out where is the parameter that controls the speed of horizontal scrolling with trackpad (if it is possible). Indeed, I am using some different editors and I would like to increase the speed of horizontal scrolling, so I wonder if it can be performed by … Read more

MacOS Big Sur : is threre a way to remap a shortcut with trackpad?

Keeping shift + horizontal movement on trackpad increases significantly the horizontal scrolling. Is there a way to remap this combination (shift + horizontal movement on trackpad) just by a simple horizontal movement on trackpad. I have not found a paramater file where the speed of horizontal scrolling is defined. Any idea ? Answer AttributionSource : … Read more