Is there an easy way (a pattern or plugin) to create urban maps? Inkscape preferred

This is a tall order, but I thought it might be worth asking. I’m working on a project where I need to basically fake a large urban map: streets, parks, rivers, etc. Essentially I’d like to wind up with something that looks like Google Maps at one or two stages short of maximum zoom. I … Read more

Fastest way to custom design a race course map?

Here’s a decent example of what I’m trying to do – a print version of something like this: I need to pick-and-choose which crossroads and street labels to show, add custom icons, plot the actual race route, and of course modify the color scheme. I’m trying to avoid spending hours and hours of manually tracing … Read more

Can you in some way design a “sketch” illustration theme for Google Maps?

Is there any way to make Google Maps like this? This is promising, but not for Google Maps. This doesn’t look promising 🙂 Answer Google Maps offers a very extensive API for style customisation. You can customise almost any element. This is done through a Javascript API: the styles are saved in a JSON structure … Read more

Software to make maps like on BBC website?

I’m looking for a piece of software that can (semi)-automatically generate maps like BBC use to associate stories from around the world: Example: Does anyone know how the BBC does it or have any suggestions? Software price is not really an issue, but something user friendly would be preferable. Any help would be much … Read more

Where to get free high quality maps (vector)

So I search for a long time, but couldn’t find anything… So basically I’m searching for high quality maps to create something similar like: The map is based on Openstreetmaps, but I don’t know where to get high quality images or vector data to create a similar map Answer You can download the … Read more