Designing letterhead templates for MS Word — continuation sheets

I am in the process of designing a letterhead template for one of my clients so that he can use it as a template in MS Word. I don’t have MS Office installed myself, I use LibreOffice. We agreed that I would send over the template in the form of a .docx document with the … Read more

Best way to export a Job application to a client for easy editing

This is my first topic, so go easy on me. 😀 I got a customer who wants me to design her job application. I want to design it with Adobe illustrator and set up the text with indesign. However the client does not own copies of these programs, which then leads me to the question: … Read more

Different sized headers in MS Word letterhead template

I’m creating a letterhead template for MS Word 2016. I have set it up so that the first page has one image in the header, and any subsequent pages have a different image in the header. I did this using the ‘Different First Page’ option. Now what I need to do is make the height … Read more

How to Best Create Templates for Clients to edit the content/copy

The Big Question What is the best (possibly a software application) to create Documents (e.g PDF Brochures, Business Portfolios, Annual Reports etc)so that a client can edit the text content? My Problem I have a client who often needs me to make small content changes to brochures – as his company grows and gains new … Read more

How to make Word 2010 Justified like adobe InDesign?

I compared the screenshot of result betwen InDesign vs MsWord, and I think InDesign has better “Justify” than Microsoft Word. I think MsWord’s justify is too much space between words. Is it possible to configure Word’s justify behavior? Adobe InDesign is not Word Processor so it’s hard to work with it. Screenshot provided: Answer You … Read more

Tips on creating Microsoft Office 2011 Templates/Themes?

I’m attempting to create some basic branded templates in Microsoft Office (Word and PowerPoint) to be deployed for office use. Just some colours, and basic typography hierarchy so people can easily create quick documents themselves. It seems that in order to create a theme for Word, you have to make one in PowerPoint – however … Read more

Can a Word Document Be turned into a Data Stream To allow for Editing over the Network to Update a link into InDesign?

So here is the idea. To have a Folder on a Server containing Word Documents for all our books and Materials. Turn These Documents into Data Streams that are linked to InDesign Documents. Allow Proofers and Editors Access to Add and Update these Documents. So that when a Designer opens an In Design Document it … Read more

How can I efficiently make several hundred signs for a plant sale?

This is my first StackExchange question ever, yay! First I will describe how I made the signs last year: I started with a spreadsheet of plant names and prices, as well as a folder of images (one for each plant). I created a PowerPoint slide (with dimensions that would allow two signs to fit on … Read more