Purpleair.com map doesn’t display on iPhone

The webpage Purpleair.com contains a link to a map displaying realtime reports of air quality. The map is located here. The map displays correctly on Safari 13.1.2 running under macOS Catalina. The map doesn’t display in iOS. I can navigate to the Purpleair main page with iOS Safari, but after selecting the “Map” link, the … Read more

icloud keychain is turned on but does not suggest passwords

For a while now safari on my iphone (iphone 6s, ios 13) has stopped suggesting strong passwords when I am signing up for new webstites online. iCloud keychain is turned on, however safari will not suggest new passwords. I have also tried switching keychain off and on again, and switching password autofill off and on … Read more

How do I disable the redirect to Skype when I click “call via iPhone” in safari?

I installed Skype because I need it and it auto-routes the click to call function to Skype now on my MacBook (Catalina 10.15.6). How do I disable the routing to Skype? Answer Go to FaceTime -> Preferences. There, change “default for calls” (or something like it, my Mac is in dutch) to FaceTime. AttributionSource : … Read more

Has Safari stopped forwarding link URLs to system services when using the link’s context menu?

I seem to recall being able to right-click a link in Safari and use a system service from the context menu in order to send the actual link target URL to the service in question. Nowadays when right-clicking a link i Safari (13.1) the link’s title/text is selected automatically, and when I try to use … Read more