Restore a partition on an external drive after enclosure failure

I had a very freak electrical accident with my iMac 5K a few weeks ago. One of my external drives (my backup drive) shorted out and would no longer mount. I decided to buy an 3.5″ enclosure as I figured it was just the power supply that died. Now, when connected I get a “This … Read more

MBP late 2013 High Sierra unknown partition(ffff…) with suspicious MBR

So I’ve followed a lot of the instructions I was able to find through a lot of similar issues that klanomath has been a mastermind at solving. I got all the way up to figuring out what my actual partition UUID is. But I ran into a ‘suspicious MBR at sector 0’ followed by another … Read more

Remove a container disc partition without bootcamp and do a factory reset

This is similar to other questions on here but I’m a little out of my depth and would really appreciate the help. I was gifted a macbook pro that had previously been partitioned to also run windows from bootcamp, which I was told had been removed. There still appears to be remnants of this and … Read more

Partition type suddenly FFFFFFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFFFFFFFFFF, drive unmountable

I have two drives inside my MBP, an SSD for the OS and the original HDD for large Data. The HDD has 3 Partitions: My Data (Core Storage volume) 20Gb for Linux 4Gb for Linux Swap Recently I ran repair disk on the drive, as Disk Utility thought it was damaged. The repair aborted with … Read more

How do I undo partitions on my iMac (I keep getting failed message “Mediakit reports not enough space on device for requested operation”

Hi I am trying to undo partitions made from a failed Windows 10 installation but it keeps failing or it won’t give me the option to undo it on Disk utility. This is what my partitioned drive looks like This what happens when I try to delete the partition using the “-” button When I … Read more

After resize in partitions, OS X won’t boot

I apologise if I’m not providing enough information, as this is the first time I’m asking for help this way, please bear with me. 🙂 I resized partitions last night; windows kept complain about not having enough space, so I followed these instructions: Now, when I want to reboot, only windows shows up. Please … Read more

Transfer Files From Hidden HDD Macintosh Volume to USB in Recovery Mode From Terminal

Ok. I am not particularly tech savvy. I am trying to transfer the contents of 2012 Macintosh HDD to a USB drive. My computer crashed and I am trying to recover some files from the Macintosh HDD Volume in the Recovery Mode Terminal. The volume is unmounted and I cannot mount it When I type … Read more

Unallocated Space after BootCamp not restored to main HD

I am unable to reclaim 1 TB of Unallocated Space to my main HD. Neither Disk Utility or BC-Assistant succeeds in restoring it to a single partition. The underlying issue (after running sudo diskutil apfs resizecontainer disk1s2 0) seems to be the following: The process starts and fails, please is there anyway to get my … Read more