HackerRank Implement Queue using two stacks Solution

Challenge Problem Statement – Implement a Queue using two Stacks I implemented dequeue() in O(1) at the cost of enqueue() in O(n) #include <cmath> #include <cstdio> #include <vector> #include <iostream> #include <algorithm> #include <stack> using namespace std; struct Queue{ stack<int> s1,s2; int dequeue(){ int x = s1.top(); s1.pop(); return x; } void peek(){ cout<< s1.top()<<“\n”; … Read more

What is the symbol for a queue?

In a flowchart or process diagram, what is the symbol for a FIFO queue? Answer I don’t know if this is canonical but, does this count? Also here are examples of queues in SDL-88 http://www.sdl-forum.org/sdl88tutorial/4.ProcessCommunication/4.1_Signal_input_queue.htm AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Mark Harrison , Answer Author : Mark Harrison

Python multiprocessing.Queue vs multiprocessing.manager().Queue()

I have a simple task like that: def worker(queue): while True: try: _ = queue.get_nowait() except Queue.Empty: break if __name__ == ‘__main__’: manager = multiprocessing.Manager() # queue = multiprocessing.Queue() queue = manager.Queue() for i in range(5): queue.put(i) processes = [] for i in range(2): proc = multiprocessing.Process(target=worker, args=(queue,)) processes.append(proc) proc.start() for proc in processes: proc.join() … Read more

In C# would it be better to use Queue.Synchronized or lock() for thread safety?

I have a Queue object that I need to ensure is thread-safe. Would it be better to use a lock object like this: lock(myLockObject) { //do stuff with the queue } Or is it recommended to use Queue.Synchronized like this: Queue.Synchronized(myQueue).whatever_i_want_to_do(); From reading the MSDN docs it says I should use Queue.Synchronized to make it … Read more

Array-Based vs List-Based Stacks and Queues

I’m trying to compare the growth rates (both run-time and space) for stack and queue operations when implemented as both arrays and as linked lists. So far I’ve only been able to find average case run-times for queue pop()s, but nothing that comprehensively explores these two data structures and compares their run-times/space behaviors. Specifically, I’m … Read more