How can I simulate mobile devices and debug in Firefox Browser? [closed]

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Rails 3 authentication solutions

I poked around StackOverflow and Google, but couldn’t find anyone who has put together a comparison of authentication gems or plugins for Rails (I’m looking for something for Rails 3). What authentication solutions are available for Rails 3, which are most popular, and what are the differences between them? Answer Ruby toolbox has a list … Read more

What is the purpose of passing-in undefined?

I have noticed jQuery and related keynote plugins like jQuery.UI pass undefined as a parameter into anonymous functions used in their module definitions, like so: (function($, undefined) { … })(jQuery); Alternatively, I have noticed other plugins recommended by jQuery and/or others do NOT pass undefined in as a parameter. This is probably a silly question, … Read more

Useful Vim plugins for web development and design (php, html, css, javascript)? [closed]

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How to install a Emacs plugin (many times it’s a .el file) on Windows platform?

I’m new to Emacs. I found many emacs plugins are released as an .el file. I’m not sure how to install them. Can I just put them in my emacs installation directory? Answer After placing it, say myplugin.el to your ~/.emacs.d/ directory, add the following in your .emacs file: (add-to-list ‘load-path “~/.emacs.d/”) (load “myplugin.el”) Also, … Read more