Notification Center “Show Message Preview” doesn’t work

In Notifications Preferences, I have the “Show Message Preview” option disabled for, but nonetheless, message previews still appear in Notification Center. How can I fix this? macOS Sierra, 10.3 Answer The checkbox only affects the notifications when they display as a notification, not when they are subsequently shown in Notification Center. Notifications are … Read more

How can I force HomeKit to send me a SMS/Notification alert (or email) if the basement floods?

I use HomeKit to simplify home management for the elderly. One of the things I want to address is the failure of a sump-pump, or flooding condition. Is there a way I can cause a HomeKit sensor to cause this notification? Answer It depends on the manufacturer of the sensor you’re using. If it supports … Read more

What is “iCloudUserNotificationsd” app?

After using Photos app for the first time on El Capitan, and importing photos from an iPhone, an app showed up on my Dock titled “iCloudUserNotificationsd” (yes with a ‘d’ on the end). The icon in the doc is the usual Apple logo for iCloud, a blue cloud on a white background. This app stops … Read more

Suppressing “no backups” messages from disconnected drives

I have three backup drives, but when traveling, I leave the bulkiest one in USA.  This trip, I also left one of the small ones.  I would like for MacOS to stop confronting me with “no backups” on the drives not connected.  Mildly inaccurate to say “no backups” when it really means “no backups on … Read more

Keep Calendar notifications off permanently

I use Fantastical for my calendar and thus don’t want notifications from since they’re redundant with Fantastical’s notifications. As you would assume I turned off’s notifications but they keep turning back on after a certain period of time. I believe this happens on more than one computer of mine as well. Every single … Read more

iPhoneX doesn’t alert me when receiving text messages from a particular contact

My iPhone X won’t alert me when I receive a text from one particular contact. This is happening with only one contact. It vibrates, but there is no notification, and when I open the Messages app, the message that was sent to me appears as if it has already been read. I do not have … Read more

Does the OS X log notifications from the Notification Center?

The helpful companion to the OSX notifications center Growl per default logs all received notifications. You can define how big the log may get or disable logging in the application. Since the latest update Growl offers to forward all notifications to the OS X Notification Center. Does OS X log Notifications Center messages as well? … Read more