Cutting it to Pages

I was working on representing a large List of information on a number of different pages, and a colleague of mine suggested that I try to make a generic method for the task I was trying to perform: private <T> List<List<T>> listSplitter(List<T> originalList, int splitCount) { List<List<T>> listOfLists= new ArrayList<>(); listOfLists.add(new ArrayList<>()); int originalListSize = … Read more

Pagination in Spring Data JPA (limit and offset)

I want the user to be able to specify the limit (the size of the amount returned) and offset (the first record returned / index returned) in my query method. Here are my classes without any paging capabilities. My entity: @Entity public Employee { @Id @GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.AUTO) private int id; @Column(name=”NAME”) private String name; //getters and … Read more

disable pagination if there is only one page in datatables

I am implementing datatbales and according to my requirement, most of the things have been resolved except the pagination issue. In my case for every time pagination navigation is displaying. I want to disable the pagination navigation if there is only one page at all.How to do that? My code is like: JS <script> function … Read more

Use Limit and Offset in Doctrine2 query

I’m trying to do the pagination, but there is an error: [Syntax Error] line 0, col 57: Error: Expected end of string, got ‘limit’ I’m not quite sure if this is the right syntax (and logic) to make my query: public function getFriendsFromTo ($user, $limit, $offset) { return $this->getEntityManager() ->createQuery(‘SELECT f FROM EMMyFriendsBundle:Friend f WHERE … Read more

How to use paginator from material angular?

I’m new to angular and trying to implement pagination in my app. I am trying to use this material component. With the code below, I can get length, pagesize, and pageSizeOptions in my .ts file <md-paginator [length]=”length” [pageSize]=”pageSize” [pageSizeOptions]=”pageSizeOptions” </md-paginator> export class PaginatorConfigurableExample { length = 100; pageSize = 10; pageSizeOptions = [5, 10, 25, … Read more

Custom pagination view in Laravel 5

Laravel 4.2 has the option to specify a custom view in app/config/view.php such as: /* |————————————————————————– | Pagination View |————————————————————————– | | This view will be used to render the pagination link output, and can | be easily customized here to show any view you like. A clean view | compatible with Twitter’s Bootstrap is … Read more

Get a count of total documents with MongoDB when using limit

I am interested in optimizing a “pagination” solution I’m working on with MongoDB. My problem is straight forward. I usually limit the number of documents returned using the limit() functionality. This forces me to issue a redundant query without the limit() function in order for me to also capture the total number of documents in … Read more