How to erase a part of a path without altering the stroke’s prior design in Illustrator?

I want to erase a part of a path while maintaining the stroke’s original look. My chosen stroke is the first one BELOW [Uniform]. I’m new and just a week in at illustrator. This is my very first logo design. I haven’t added the missing parts from the sketch though but it can wait. As … Read more

Illustrator: How to un-merge non-contiguous objects previously “united”?

I created dozens and dozens of odd shapes in Adobe Illustrator by drawing lots of overlapping rectangles. Then I did Select All, and used Pathfinder->Unite to turn them into polygons. Now I have a bunch of polygons, true, but as a side-effect, they were combined into one single object. Is there a way to either … Read more

Select all objects in another object area in Adobe Illustrator

I explain the situation : I have objects in background and circles in front. I would like to select all objects in background that are contained in those circles area. The pathfinder will not work, because I need to select the complete objects and not just the anchor points contained in circles area. As in … Read more

How can I flatten (combine?) a group of brush strokes in Illustrator?

Warning: I am not an expert with Adobe Illustrator I have done an illustration, using Adobe Illustrator, of some hair and a beard using only brushstrokes. I want to copy-and-paste this illustration into a Sketch file. However, there are so many brush strokes (paths?) that it takes some time to copy-and-paste the illustration between documents. … Read more

Reasons someone would use Pathfinder instead of Shape Builder tool

Illustrator offers many different ways to do the same thing, right? I guess at some point it just comes down to personal preference. When it comes to Pathfinder vs Shape Builder tool, why (other than personal preference) would someone use the Pathfinder tool? Are there things that the shape builder tool simply can’t do? Answer … Read more