How would I perform SnapSeed’s “ambience” filter using Photoshop?

SnapSeed is a great little iOS photo editing app. Along with brightness and contrast, it has the ability to alter “ambiance” which does a great job of lightening up shadows while still keeping a nice deep black. Does anyone know the best way to achieve this using Photoshop? Would it be through the use of … Read more

Photoshop – Blur Effect?

How did he do that? I can not find the path to that artwork. Answer There is no blur involved, it’s all Warping. Start with an appropriate image. Here is one I like 🙂 (from Make sure you have a free-standing Jackie – make a copy of him without the background. This will be … Read more

Add shadow to a frame on a background

Let’s say I want to add this photography + frame on this background. It will look “very copy/pasted”. How to add (with Photoshop) the shadow that would normally be produced by the frame on the 4 sides of the frame? The shadow should blend naturally with the background layer. Should I also add some brightness … Read more