How to know which person needs new picture confirmations in Apple Photos

I love the face detection in Apple Photos, but it is a bit frustrating to never know which Person has been updated and needs confirmation. Currently, I always have to go through each one and even then, sometimes there is a clear “Review” option that appears in a banner at the top, but sometimes there … Read more

Organize my existing Mac Photos library

I have seen multiple scripts to import files into Mac application Photos organising photos in folders and albums. Like This 2010 (folder) 2010-01-01 (album) 2010-01-02 (album) … 2011 (folder) 2011-01-01 (album) … But I can’t get or change a script to organize my existing pictures like this, by date taken… (no importing only working with … Read more

Modifying Apple Photos script for duplicating folder hierarchy (including subfolders)

I’ve found this piece of script online to automatically duplicate a smart album in a folder (with a name containing <!>) to a normal album in a folder ‘SmartAlbums’ (so it can sync to iPhone & iPad). Unfortunately this script seems to work only for smart albums sitting at top level folders with the name … Read more

How to export photos from library to Windows, and retain all metadata?

I want to transfer my entire photos library from my MacBook to a Windows 10 PC. I am using an external hard drive to transfer, since there is large number of photos (~8k). Is there any way to do this and keep all of the the “Favorite” pictures appropriately tagged? I tried going to File … Read more