Develop a tool for inserting text/image in a photoshop file

I’m trying to develop a simple tool for translators who don’t have Photoshop but I can’t find any library that supports layers. I need to open the PSD file, translate the text layer and save it as it was. Unfortunately, there is no layer support for the available libraries. So I’m asking for a workaround. … Read more

Photoshop actions: saving with custom addition

I have searched far and wide for this, and cannot figure it out. I create and run an action, but I want the action to save the image with the original name + two custom letters. Original image is called IMG_3232.jpg I want the after-action (resize) image called IMG_3232aW.jpg So of course the whole idea … Read more

why does photoshop auto-rotate images when opening?

I am using scripting in Photoshop to process jpg files that are uploaded through a website. I occasionally get images that are rotated differently when you open them in Photoshop vs. Windows Previewer (or any other basic graphics program). And today I just came across one that was rotated 90 degrees and mirrored horizontally when … Read more

Photoshop Automation: Place Logo in corner of image which has the most ’empty space’

I would like to automate the following process: place a logo on a large number of images I have. The logo should be placed in one of the four corners of the image (bottom left, top left, bottom right or top right corner). If possible in the corner which can fit the biggest size logo. … Read more

Same procedure for each image in Photoshop: how to speed up the production? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: How can I create an action in Photoshop? (3 answers) How can I use Automate Batch Action of Adobe Photoshop to cut 5px for every image (2 answers) Closed 2 years ago. Id’ like to know if exists a way to speed up the production in Photoshop in the … Read more

Combinations and Permutations of Photoshop Layers?

This one is a big one I have a Photoshop document that has 8 Layers in it. I need to create a way to use those 8 layers and create certain combinations depending on the rules below… Example: {1,2,3} {1,2,4} {1,2,5} {1,2,6} {1,2,7} {1,2,8} {1,3,4} {1,3,5} {1,3,6} {1,3,7} {1,3,8} {1,4,5} {1,4,6} {1,4,7} {1,4,8} {1,5,6} {1,5,7} … Read more

I need to create 60 unique framed mirrors for product images, looking for a way to automate

Basically I am given an image and I need to create a framed mirror I also need to be able to adjust the width of the moulding individual of the mirror because the width of the moulding needs to stay constant as the mirror is various sizes. Is there a way to maybe script this? … Read more