How can I resize Pixelart so that every pixel mentains its correct width and height

As example, this example here. Every pixel is taking a 5×5 grid. The selected image in there is 75×75 pixels tall. Now what I did is that I took the 100% and changed it to 80%, 60% and so on, which seemed to work fine.   Each time I change it though in this: Putting … Read more

Should I use anti-aliasing built-in function in photoshop for pixel art?

Currently I’m practising some pixelart drawing for games. But when I do anti-aliasing for lines, I don’t know whether I should draw them by hand or just tick anti-aliasing box in photoshop. Could you please help me pointing out the differences between those two and advantages for drawing by hand? Answer No you should not … Read more

How to delete the grid in pixel art – Illustrator

I’m doing pixel art with grid tool, but when i save with pdf, i still see the grid. How i delete the grid? Answer It’s not “the grid” – it is anti-aliasing between shapes – anti-aliasing is showing a pixel/half-a-pixel of the blue background. If saving for web, use Art-Optimized anti-aliasing in the Save for … Read more