How to build an online portfolio?

I want to build a personal portfolio so my questions related are as follows: What should I include in the portfolio apart from Home, About, Work, Contact? I have never worked on any real life examples so what to display in the work/portfolio page? What kind of design samples do I need to include? Ex: … Read more

What should I include in my portfolio to apply to design school?

I’m applying for Parsons (interior design) School. Does the portfolio have to include everything Interior design related or is it okay if I include some of my sketches and art which are not Interior design related? Answer You can and should include sketches and other things. Parsons isn’t looking for Interior Designers, that’s what they’ll … Read more

Can i used stock images in a portfolio for university? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: What to include in my portfolio? (2 answers) Using stock images for mock-ups (3 answers) Closed last year. I want to get in to a graphic design course in university. I have alot of projects in mind, however i dont know if im allowed to use stock photos…would it … Read more

Where can I find unique templates for Presentation folders?

I have to design a Presentation Folder Design and print it. I have never done one before, I googled a bit and found some templates with a great tutorial above them : I am wondering if anyone knows of more unique PDF templates for presentation folders. I need the templates for the cut lines/curves … Read more

How to improve supersampling screenshots in designer’s portfolio

Look at iMac mockups on this page. Quality of skewed screenshots placed in the mockups are poor. Seems like photoshop knows too little about super-sampling. I know how to render a 3d model in 3dsmax with good supersampling, but it’s a much more tedious work. How can I make screenshots look good in photoshop? 3D … Read more

Client made drastic changes after we finalized, what should I put in my portfolio?

So I worked with a community service type of client for pretty cheap last summer and created a really gorgeous design for a mobile shower they rolled out this last fall. They have since changed my design drastically, printed it in a completely different way and added the word “trailer” which I insisted on more … Read more

Is it possible to have an unique graphic style as an average graduate yet?

During my job applications as junior graphic designer (I have a degree in design), I show them my portfolio. Both projects are brand designs, printed in a handbook. I thought that those projects show, what I am capable of. But I get asked “don’t you have more projects? We need to see more, to rank/understand … Read more

How to keep the portfolio updated while working at design studios?

In my experience, when you work with branding agencies or design studios or organisation of such nature, you are kind of bound by law or contract not to disclose your work for a certain period of time which is understandable because the clients the studios work for may not be comfortable with it before they … Read more

How does a programmer showcase his work?

I’ll start of by saying that I’m a programmer who rarely ventures outside of Stack Overflow, so sorry if this post is off topic. Right now I’m in the process of updating my portfolio site and I’m struggling to find a way to present my work and my previous programs. Most websites try and showcase … Read more