Show/Hide Featured Image or replace it with custom field [closed]

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Get URL for featured image for posts? [closed]

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Carousel Hover Image

I a using an image carousel to display some pictures on my website. The carousel I am using is called: Jcarousellite ( I have the carousel setup, styled, and configured…but am having trouble getting through the last little bit of the code to work. The code I am using to get the images: <?php query_posts( … Read more

Meteor Slides as header only for homepage and Use featured image of each page as header for respective pages

I am using meteor-slides plugin to make header as a slideshow. I am using twenty-eleven theme. Now i need to make this slideshow for my homepage only and featured images of other pages as headers for the respective pages. Can anyone help me with this? Answer In your header.php check if you are an the … Read more