What is the safest / most precise way to convert spot colors to process in post production?

I work in prepress production at a publishing house and often times only have access to .PDF cover files which contain spot (pantone) colors from their former offset printing days. Because I set up these files for digital printing, spot colors are NOT an option. What is the most professional way to convert these spot … Read more

How to prepare a spot varnish; does it need to have trapping if there’s a gloss and matte one?

On a project that has a selective varnish, the print-ready file usually needs to be prepared separately in one spot color, a bit like a dieline. Only the area where the varnish will be printed should appear in 1-color on that separate file. I usually do mines in Adobe InDesign or Illustrator, as vectors. That’s … Read more

How to correctly adjust color saturation in picture when preparing it for magazine print?

I made a magazine and all pictures currently are in RGB color mode. Now I need to prepare them for print and after converting them to CMYK in Photoshop CC, their color saturation (black parts) are above 300% and needs to be fixed. I used Levels option for some pictures and adjusted the black color … Read more

What exactly does the rasterize effect do in illustrator?

What exactly does the rasterize effect do in illustrator … as compared to object>rasterize, which certainly does rasterize the objects, and I completely understand what it does and it’s purpose, but the rasterise in the effects menu doesn’t appear to do anything, except add itself to the appearance panel, does it? Answer Why you should … Read more

In printing: Is there a standard colour for transparency?

Sorry if this has already been asked,I’m not entirely sure how to search for this. I’m working on a design that has a gradient on it. The idea is that part of this is actually transparent when printed So that it shows the material underneath (it’ll be printed on a metallic aerosol can). Is there … Read more