InDesign: export single pages as spreads

There seems to be a lot of guides out there on how to convert spreads to single pages in InDesign… but what about the other way round? E.g. I’m currently setting up a brochure (with facing pages) so that it is print-ready (so splitting into single pages). Once it is print-ready I’d still like to … Read more

Inkscape: how to “negate” paper colour?

I have a document prepared with Inkscape that contains bitmap and vector elements: Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels. I want to print it on coloured paper (ivory) with an inkjet printer. Of course, the white background will turn ivory, but I want to preserve the other colours (i.e. that the end-result is as close … Read more

Rendering issues when printing PDF file with transparency on images

I’ve created a document using OpenOffice / LibreOffce with a black background and PNG images which have some transparency. I exported that document to PDF and printed it. The black which comes from the background looks matte whereas the black which comes from the images looks glossy. Q: How can I make sure my entire … Read more

Beginner Question: Is it bad to mix raster photography into vector based print work? Alternative?

I am tasked with creating a vector based print work. And I’m very new to print design. Is it a good idea to include raster photography inside my vector image? It seems to destroy the whole point of “infinite scalability”. How do I create something that can be scalable, so as to be used on … Read more

Manipulating standard stock photos for ebook cover

I have decided to self-publish some short stories I wrote years ago. I understand the importance of a good cover. I have known for years that “Don’t judge a book by its cover” does not work in the real world. I don’t have a big budget but I have access to stock photos. I have … Read more